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ACC and School Run

Thank you for taking the time to allow Global Drivers the opportunity to prove why we are a leading company in the transport industry,Below are some areas which we specialize in, we cater for the whole of the Auckland area from West, East, South Auckland, North Shore, Rodney and Franklin Districts .

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Dial A Driver

  • Are you going out for a night out with Friends or Family but no Sober Driver?
  • Are you thinking of how you are going to get home from the Rugby Match?
  • You been to a concert or a wedding and need to get family and friends home?
  • Don't want to be caught at a checkpoint because you've been drinking?
  • We also can take you to your hospital appointment and pick you up
  • Had a long day at work and too tired to drive home

School Run

Need Transport for your children to get to school or even university through student card good reliable and affordable transport.

Registered ACC Vendor

We are ACC Registered allowing us to provide Dial A Driver and transport solutions for people that have been Injured and Need to Get to work, appointments and to take their children to school.

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Global Drivers will drive you and your car home safely anytime and anywhere you need us. open 24 hours 7 days a week

Global Drivers is a unique service always looking for ways to excel in the transport industry

Global Dial a Driver is the company for you, any situation where you require a driver call Global first


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